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Friday, July 30, 2010


Do You Believe in Fate? Have things happened in your life that are inexplicable... except if you believe in predestiny? Is there a master plan? Have our lives been written? Do we have soul mates? Do souls choose their paths before they are born onto Mother Earth? What is kismet?

I wasn't able to write last night because of an overwhelming experience that I had... that is one of many that is far more than a coincidence in my mind. It was Universe' way of telling me... something. And I need another night to process the events. It was that trippy.

Please enjoy
this evening... and contemplate the questions that I have voiced. I will write more tomorrow, for I would love to share... but not yet. I would love to hear your ideas about the topics at hand... Please write! It would be great to share your words on the blog.

I hope that your Friday is filled with great things!

Namaste... 'till tomorrow -
Amanda xo
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