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Monday, July 12, 2010


The Eve of July 11th, 2010
In the creative writing class that I teach, one of my favorite assignments that really gets high school students thinking introspectively is "Soundtrack to Your LIFE." Music IS the medium... and students have to think of their life thus far as increments of time, and think of songs to represent each of those time periods. They then create a playlist and burn a cd and/or create a mixed tape (if they are feeling retro) complete with a cover. When they present their soundtracks, they explain why they chose each song and how it represents that period of life. The projects never cease to astound me; kids are amazing, and need a creative outlet that they can all relate to - Music Heals...all genres... whatever appeals to the individual. It is the ultimate gift, and that IS a universal truth! Although there is something to be said for the solace of your own room, the crackle of an LP on a Record Player, or the anticipation of the Side B of the tape that someone made you, Apple has sure made sharing music remarkable! IPOD and/or other MP3 players have taken the "mixed tape" to a whole new level! Select music is right at your fingertips for a buck or two... and that is remarkable! I have provided a link to Amazon MP3 Downloads so you can explore songs and/or artists that make you feel GOOD or who blow your mind, encapsulating your every mood or whim. It is time for You to create the soundtrack to YOUR life. Song of the Morning: "Gigantic" by the Pixies -Check it out, download it and Listen to it LOUD. It WILL make for a better day.

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