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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who is THAT in the mirror?

Although I "claim" that vanity is not something I am fueled by, my current physical state is proving me otherwise: pregnant and growing. It feels
and looks like I swallowed a 25 lb. bag of kitty litter and looking in
the mirror from the neck down is a bit shocking (especially in a bikini).
My abdomen has morphed into something bulbous... sort of ripe and fruit-like. My logical mind understands, and my illogical one is fascinated by the jutting neck and curved lower back that supports the bubble in batter. But my physical self, the one that lacks energy and craves sleep and solitude, still struggles with this metamorphosis: my self-esteem is floundering. I'm sure that you can relate on some level or another.

Granted, physical activity has helped tremendously. Let me rephrase that... anything in water has helped. But in 90 Degree weather,a walk in the park is not too enticing. And if I may be frank, neither is a shower,
a change of clothes, a pretty dress, a swipe of mascara, or a new shade of lipstick. Believe it or not, a shopping trip isn't even doing it for me.
I feel like Eeyore when I stare at the summer dresses on the rack..."oh bother... why would I even try on that frock. It couldn't possibly fit over this belly."

In my self-deprecating state, I decided to research universal self-esteem boosters, pregnant or not. Besides the hundreds of articles that recommend a new haircut, a shopping trip, travel, or a massage which are all wonderful suggestions, but not always feasible, I found one with
a more "mindful" approach that I found most appealing that I'd like to share with you. At, there is a brief and super-informative article that has peaked my interest. The following is taken from "Self-Esteem Boosters For Women":

"Women have learned all the secrets and little tricks that can make their faces glow, their bodies firm and their skin and hair flawless. But there's one area where we still have much to learn. And it has a lot of bearing on how we look as well. It is in taking care of our self-esteem.

We all know that when we're feeling down, inferior or unworthy, our faces sag and our overall features look tired and defeated. Some may even argue that have strong self-esteem is more attractive than having the right physical attributes, and they may have a point. Following are a few simple tips that can help women boost their self-esteem.

1. Press The Magic Button

Most of us need to boost our self-confidence every now and then. One of the best ways to do this is to recall exactly who we are and why we should feel good about ourselves. Create a Magic Button -- a mental image of three things that make you feel good -- and press on it once in a while. These things could include images of your biggest achievements, the smiling faces of people who matter to you or something as simple as
a piece of music.

This Magic Button is especially important when we down and things aren't going our way. We have to remember that whatever setbacks we've faced are temporary. We've overcome them before to reach success. Press that magic button.

2. Overcome self-consciousness

Yes, self-consciousness is probably the biggest enemy of self-confidence. We tend to look at ourselves too harshly and focus on our perceived faults and shortcomings. To overcome self-consciousness, you should try focusing on others: try to put other people at ease, check the room for people who you might learn to like, make a mental note of possible business contacts.

Sometimes, if focusing on other people proves difficult, we can ease our self-consciousness by looking intently at our surroundings -- examining paintings, admiring furniture and decor, anything that will take our minds off ourselves.

3. Don't Stand For Undue Criticism

Sometimes our self-esteem suffers because we allow others to treat us like rags and walk all over us. This is something we should never allow, even if we have made a mistake or come up wanting in a situation. We should bear in mind that even top-notch people make mistakes.

So think about these tips when you’re feeling down and unworthy. Make
sure to remember how fabulous YOU really are!"

And most importantly... in my case, I need to get over myself and realize that there is a beautiful pollywog swimming in that bulbous abdominal protrusion.

...doing the best that I can -
Amanda xo

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