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Monday, July 19, 2010

Biorhythms ... and The Clinton Book Shop, NJ! What do they have in common?

If you are anything like me, sometimes (more often than not) immersing yourself in something (ANYTHING for that matter) other than sleep becomes a forced issue when you are consumed with self-deprecating thoughts. In fact, simply leaving my bed to start the day as of late has been taxing, and most unwelcome. The promise of a delicious cup of coffee or six used to be enough incentive for me to swing my legs over the side of the bed, but the ton of bricks that I feel like I've swallowed is making this small gesture seemingly unpleasant. My bladder is my only catalyst lately. In fact, I am pretty sure that the polywog in my womb tap dances on mine simply to assist me with the wake up process; I don't really have a choice. For that, I am grateful; they are a dynamic duo.

Alas, after a cup of coffee, a yogurt, a handful of prenatal vitamins and almonds, I waited ...patiently... for a surge of energy to draw me outdoors into the sunlight, to no avail. My energy was at an all time low. Historically, that lackluster feeling would send me into a tailspin of guilt, feeling as if I was worthless and accomplishing nothing, but not today. There is an answer to the energy conundrum, and I had to remind myself of it by opening a book and reading in my slump: Biorhythms.

What exactly are Biorhythms?
According to Natural Health Therapy Dictionary:

"The principle of Biorhythms, life is a series of progressive 'ups' and 'downs'.

The physical cycle includes resistance to disease, strength, and coordination.

The emotional includes sensitivity, mood, perceptions, and mental balance,

The intellectual affects memory, alertness, and logic.

Because the cycles are of varying length, they rarely overlap. For example, while the intellectual cycle may be peaking, the emotional cycle may be in decline, and the physical cycle a variant somewhere in between. The 'highs' of the cycles are times of maximum effectiveness, and tend to produce positive thoughts and moods, while the 'lows' are times of negativity and possible risk--because one is prone at these times to make errors of judgment."

Interesting stuff, eh? Read on! At the close, I will provide you with a link to calculate your own Biorhythm. See if it correlates to your mood and/or state of mind today; I know that mine certainly did -(while my emotional and intellectual were at 90% and 91% on a scale of 100%, my physical was at 40%.

Natural Health Therapy Dictionary continues:

"Biorhythm: scientific method developed separately by Viennese psychology professor Dr. Herman Swoboda (1873-1963) and Berlin physician William Fliess (1859-1928). It is a means of predicting human conditions and susceptibilities. Its principle is that three fundamental biological cycles (Biorhythms) are calculable from the date of one's birth.

Swoboda and Fliess posited two cycles:

(1) a physical cycle of 23 days, predictive of one's level of strength, coordination, immunity, and self-confidence; and

(2) a sensitivity cycle of 28 days, predictive of emotional changes.

In the 1920s, Austrian engineer Dr. Alfred Teltscher posited a third cycle: 33 days long and predictive of intellectual performance.

According to proponents, vital energy is high on positive days and relatively low on negative days. George S. Thommen popularized biorhythm in 'Is This Your Day?' (1973)."

To learn more about Biorhythms and to calculate yours, go to:

May I close today with a book recommendation that is OFF THE CHARTS!!! I read it in two days, and I think the writer and the premise are exceptional! I cannot wait to read her next book! "The Dust of 100 Dogs" by A.S. King is enchanting, innovative, entertaining, and eloquently-versed! It is the PERFECT companion to those dreaded low...cannot get out of bed (physical) biorhythm days! (Read the synopsis and/or purchase it at the Indiebound Books link on this Blog.)

My friends at The Clinton Book Shop, my favorite independent book shop in NJ recommended it to me. Their beautiful store is located in the Old Clinton Library on Main Street in Clinton, NJ - Clinton Book Shop, 12 E. Main Street, Clinton, NJ 08809 908-735-8811 Please visit -

So what do they have in common? Regardless of what your Biorhythm calculator says... it is a great independent store to visit, and you can feel GREAT about purchasing from them and supporting local commerce!
Ask for Harvey and/or Rob!

Download-of-the-Day - "Pictures of Matchstick Men and You" - by Camper Van Beethoven (originally a "Strawberry Alarm Clock" tune) I kept hearing this song in my head while I was reading A.S. King's Novel.

'till next time -
Amanda xo

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