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Monday, July 19, 2010

"I See A Red Door and I Want It Painted..." (Fill-in-the-blank) Thank You "Rolling Stones" - Color Therapy

As of late, well aware that I have a little girl pollywog brewing in my womb, I have been having pastel pink nightmares, braided with powdery blue trim and buttery yellow terry cloth lacy stuff. Pastel colors are without a doubt my LEAST favorite to look at in the large scheme of things, and I have never understood why they are synonymous with babies. I find them dull and soulless... everything that a baby is not! I have always felt that a nursery should resonate with primary colors that exude life and stimulate the senses. Wouldn't it be more apropos to wrap an infant in rich velvety-shaded swaddling clothing, as opposed to washed out shades, reminiscent of outdated convalescent home wallpaper? Yuck. Okay... I get it...I get it. Pastels are soft... like babies? I guess that is the logic; the sentiment is sweet. To each her own.

Am I hypersensitive? Yes. Cynical? A little. Is this part of my affliction? Perhaps. Regardless, color has always been an integral part of my emotional health, and I have never been able to fully adapt to a situation or room that didn't have something to focus on that was aesthetically pleasing to my eye. Like words, people, animals, and sound, color is an energy, and gives off an aura (metaphysically and biorhythmically speaking); the absence of color can have a deleterious effect on a person's demeanor or situation. This is nothing new. I am sure that you can relate to this on many levels; it is the beauty of individualized taste, and we are all entitled to whatever makes us feel good!

In fact, according to "Color Therapy: Letting Color Heal You" by Cricket Demarais for "" a holistic healing supplement, the Ancient Egyptians built healing temples of light four thousand years ago,"...bathing patients in specific colors of light to produce different effects." Demarais continues, "Research shows that a blindfolded person will experience physiological reactions under different colored rays. In other words, the skin sees in technicolor. Noted Neuropsychologist Kurt Goldstein confirmed this information in his modern classic 'The Organism,' where he notes that stimulation of the skin by different colors creates different effects."

Interesting... but certainly not surprising, lack of color has been directly correlated as a cause of depression. More specifically, lack of color and light causes millions to suffer each winter from a mild depression (sometimes severe) known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). According to Cricket Demarais, "Because of the complex way in which exposure to various colors acts via the brain upon the autonomic nervous system, exposure to a specific color can even alter physiological measurements such as blood pressure, electrical skin resistance and glandular functions in your body. And they most certainly can affect how you feel on a day-to-day basis." All the more reason to again... get outside and soak up the sunshine!

Demarais recommends learning about color's qualities and putting it to use to enhance your spirit, improve your health, and expand your consciousness. Color Therapy, also known as chromotherapy has been used by alternative health practitioners who use color to balance energy wherever our bodies are lacking: physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. I have practiced REIKI (Light energy intuitive healing)for many years, something I will write about in much more detail later. Although, I will note that REIKI concentrates on the seven main chakras (energy fields) in the body to heal: cognition (crown chakra), intuition (third eye), communication (throat chakra), love (heart chakra), stability (solar plexus), Kundalini (sexuality), and the root chakra (stability). Each of the chakras has a correlating color that resonates its energy. When an intuitive healer scans your aura, she/he can read where to focus their healing by studying the color energy that you lack.

I conclude with the following advice to further improve your quality of life; surround yourself with colors that make you feel good. It is amazing what a coat of paint, a few new inexpensive throw pillows or blankets and/or a wall-hanging, painting or tapestry can do for the energy in a space that you call your own (even if pastels are your color scheme of choice).

I recommend a few books that delve into color therapy in more detail that may interest you, and provide more insight.

Download-of-the-Day - "Blue" by Joni Mitchell - The entire classic album, of the same name, resonates color - Stunning!

Until we meet again...
Amanda xo

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