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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Think Good Thoughts...

I was going to talk about the specifics of a prospective surgery called cervical cerclage for those of you who are interested... but I've decided to save that for another rainy day, and talk about something important, uplifting... and perhaps, enlightening!

“Life lesson # 26: You must show more respect for the invisible world. Because often what you don’t see is what you get. And look at harmonic resonance – which you can look at, on any two guitars. When an “E” string is plucked on one, it will resonate on the other. You believe harmonic resonance works with people, too. When you speak openly from your heart, the hearts of others seem to open. This is because you are helping the people around you to vibrate at your same higher harmonic level. You’ve heard this called ‘companion energy.’ And you believe that in the same way the invisible germs of a cold can be contagious, the invisible energy of thoughts are contagious.”

That comes from a fantastic read entitled "How to Be Happy Dammit: A Cynic's Guide to Spiritual Happiness" by Karen Salmansohn

Read It! Good Stuff -

In my humble opinion, this IS a universal truth; thoughts are contagious and DO resonate. We can feel them... universally... and so can others. Energy. Good Vibes. Bad Vibes. You know what I am talking about.

Thoughts can be felt in any language, translated into energy fields around the body and manifest through action and emotion. I also think that they transcend time and space. For instance, if we send thoughts out to or about a person who has passed, they (or their soul) WILL experience the energy ... and we will feel the repercussions of our own energy that cradles our thoughts as a result. I have experienced this countless times in my life, and I am sure that you have, too. It is just a constant reminder that regardless of time, space, proximity... we are all in this together.

Here is a savvy quip from that broaches this topic. Enjoy it!

"As the song says, 'Don’t worry! Be happy!' Was this just a catchy little slogan or was the reason millions were attracted to this song because we all instinctively realize that just being happy may be one of life’s answers? As a matter of fact, most of the research into the connection between mind and body has uncovered a direct relationship between happy thoughts and a healthy body.

The knowledge that our thoughts influence our bodies has been around for a long time. Even in the Bible it is written, 'As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.' Today most would agree that what we think is connected to how we feel. But it goes much further than that. All the evidence gathered throughout the centuries indicates that our thoughts influence every aspect of the body, down to the health and functioning of every cell.

You might say our bodies are but a mirror of what and how we think. This can be best explained if we take the vantage point that science, especially quantum physicals, may offer. From this perspective, everything is considered to be energy. This naturally would include our thoughts. As energy, the thoughts we create can be measured by their vibrational frequency. This energy generated in the brain can then travel via the nervous system to the rest of the body. There is actually a nerve fiber going to every cell.

The body mirrors our thoughts. An interesting phenomenon occurs when energies come together. First of all, energies of similar frequencies attract each other and if frequencies that are slightly different are brought together one begins to change to match the other. An example of this would be in a room full of pianos. When a key is struck on one of the pianos it has been found that all the other pianos begin to resonate with the same note. In the body, this would mean that the original healthy frequencies of the cells will begin to resonate with the frequencies of our thoughts that are being carried to the cells by the nerves. Hence the body mirrors our thoughts.

Thus, research has shown that happy thoughts resonate with cellular frequencies that are a match for health, whereas unhappy thoughts resonate with vibrational patterns found in disease, illness, degeneration, and decay.

Unfortunately, knowing that positive thoughts enhance and negative thoughts detract doesn’t automatically result in a change of thinking for most of us. We have learned how to think from the moment of our very first breath and thus have developed a rather strong habit of thinking in a certain pattern. And as our society has a tendency to support this pattern of thinking we have developed, as most of us have found out, changing our ways isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to accomplish.

But it can be done! Thinking thoughts that feel good will have an amazing impact upon your health and life. The power of a positive thought, regardless of origin and duration, has been documented. This means that thinking thoughts that feel good, either by using your imagination or memory for a few moments a day, will have an amazing impact upon your health and life. In addition, it also begins to develop a habit pattern that eventually, without stress, pain or resistance, allows you to exchange any habits of negative thinking with this practiced positive pattern."

In addition, I also recommend checking out this website, for more interesting reading about The Law of Resonance:

Sweet Dreams...
Amanda xo
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