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Monday, August 23, 2010

Clothing the Bump This Seven Month......

There is a reason that I don't own a full-length mirror, and it was confirmed this evening. With less than one week until I have to return the world of education, I took the opportunity today to go through my closet to find clothing that will fit over my seven month baby bump... to no avail. Granted, I am a creative dresser... and have alot of interesting pieces that can "work" if finnageled properly, but the majority of the baby-doll type dresses that I have lived in this summer will not, shall we say...suffice, even with the most creative accessorizing.

It is the first time that I had to actually think about venturing into the maternity section for essentials, and the prospect was, well, exciting (who doesn't like to buy a few new pieces for school?)... until I actually fingered through the racks. Oh boy. It was bleak, at best.

After a good hour of trying on some of the most god-awful fabrics, coupled with some of the most souless designs I have ever experienced, I moved into a non-maternity section of the store; I was confident that if I bought a larger size, I could simply style the clothing myself to look less... tent-like.

There was only one word to describe that 1/2 of hour of painful grimacing in the dressing room mirror: humbling. I walked out with a pile of clothing for the attendant, and one, really hideous, but comfortable bra to take with me (emphasis on 'really'). Don't they make pencil skirts for bulbous bellies? (sigh)I left the store with my tail between my ligs, and waddled aimlessly into a drugstore to buy a new mascara; one size fits all. Refreshing.

As I stood on line, I eyed the VOGUE Fall Fashion Issue that I love to peruse every August. A true masochist, I was well aware that I was simply setting myself up for horrific body dysmorphic nightmares, but shamelessly picked one up to go home and look through anyway. It was the perfect melted peanut butter and ice cream accompaniment.

Much to my delight... 1/3 of my way through the pages of stunning boots coupled with fantastic wool mini skirts and tailored fall jackets, there was a gorgeous image of a pregnant woman donned in noneother than a navy pencil skirt and an interesting top, tailored to fit. No tent. No Moo Moo. "A Pea In The Pod" ... Their selection fits every budget from outlandishly priced designer goodies, to clothing comparable to "The Gap" prices, and the like.

I will venture there, and report my findings.

Amanda xo

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