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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why Do Some People Radiate?

Last evening I spoke of Bacterial Vaginosis. Exciting stuff. This evening I considered researching something else that causes discomfort during pregnancy to enlighten you. Informative, yes... The more I read about the "things" that can occur during pregnancy that may be exacerbating my pelvic discomfort, the more I realized the REAL problem;
I need an attitude adjustment ...a new focus. I was sinking into depression, simply by lingering over the stagnating cesspool of negativity. It's the Law of Attraction that I have spoken about so many times; what we focus on becomes our reality, right?
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A simple message from my cousin Jenifer changed my perspective today and shook me out of my doldrums. In response to a message from me (where I told her that I couldn't attend her beautiful son Nathaniel's first Birthday Party tomorrow, much to my chagrin... because I feel so lousy) she said, in so many words... kick back in the sun, relax, and FOCUS ON THE MIRACLE THAT IS TAKING PLACE INSIDE OF YOU RIGHT NOW! Thank you Jenxoxoxoxoxoxox!

So that is exactly what I am going to do, and I feel better... already.

Although I should be preparing for teaching in less than a week (shoulda coulda woulda), my affinity for music and witnessing a wonderful interview on Fox News this evening has lead me to want to escape into some reading about music from the old dead days beyond recall, instead.

Sam Cutler, a jovial, beautifully-seasoned marketing mastermind of British descent managed both The Rolling Stones and The Grateful Dead during the 60's, 70's and perhaps beyond. He was interviewing to promote his new book that swims through his experience. What a trip!

Mr. Cutler's positivity radiated during his interview, and I can safely assume that his vast success and experience has much to do with this aspect of his persona, alone. First thing tomorrow, I will go to the local bookstore (Clinton BookShop in Clinton, NJ -to be precise-) to see if I can procure a copy of his work to enjoy. truly practicing what I preach -
Amanda xo

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