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Saturday, October 2, 2010

...falling into place

Today I am standing outside of myself...just watching. I am some weird film within a film caught between yawns and the flickering blue light of 3 am television. I don't know who I am, or why I am... and there is a baby dancing in my swollen, achy abdomen. She is no longer the pollywog, but the real deal; this I finally feel. And this I am trying desperately to understand. There is no nursery to rock in to speak of... but it is a safe place to hang our hats. For this, I am grateful. And for this, I am frightened. I don't like who I am today, but I like who I hold inside and want her to swim in optimism...hope. I dream of an easier way and ask the universe to take away my unrest. I am... she is... we will be. This is a universal truth... and this I know. Everything else will fall into place as it will.

Below is a quick ditty on third trimester blues...which could simply be what I am experiencing, exacerbated by mental slough and life stuff. Perhaps you can relate to this.

Blues In Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

The third trimester of pregnancy is probably the most difficult period, in the entire nine month duration, mainly because your hormones will be rampant. Most women go through pregnancy third trimester blues, which includes insomnia, boredom and anxiety. Of course, factors like being big enough to have difficulty in sitting up and getting up without help, as well as the severe back aches and swollen feet, do not make things any better. As the third trimester gradually progresses, most women say that they wish the pregnancy were over and that they could hold their babies in their arms. However, this feeling occurs mainly because many women literally struggle to pull through the last three months. As the baby grows within them they experience physical and mental discomfort. Emotional fears too usually increase in pregnant women at this time. Getting through pregnancy third trimester blues is possible, especially if you are not alone. Given below are some tips to deal with the blues:

• If you have a good support system, get your spouse or a family member to take over a portion of your household chores and duties.

• Avoid making any visits to the doctor on your own. Ask either a spouse, or a close family member (someone you are very comfortable with) to join you during every visit.

• Try to get as much rest and relaxation, as possible. If you find it difficult to do so, try some relaxation techniques like meditating, listening to calming music or soaking in a hot tub. Also get yourself pampered occasionally, with a professional massage or foot rub.

• Spend some time in preparing for the baby’s arrival and concentrate on how you would like your life to be, after the baby is born. Practicing birthing techniques, setting up the baby’s room, staring a baby book and reading prenatal books are all a part of preparing for the baby. Not all pregnancies last for their full term and therefore planning for the baby’s arrival well in advance should always be helpful.

• Many people who suffer from pregnancy third month blues also face post-partum depression. Read up on it so that you can plan ahead and be prepared to deal with it effectively.

As you approach your due date, the amount of help and support you need, will probably increase. Apart from your family and friends there are several online programs for pregnant women that you may find useful too.

xo Amanda

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